When a loved one dies, there is often a sense of shock, even if the death has been pending for months or years.  However there may be other feelings of relief, deep sadness, fear, guilt or anger, all very natural reactions to death and can be felt all at once.

Please know there is no rush to start organising a funeral straight away. For those who have nursed a loved one at home, the law in NSW supports you to also take care of them at home for a few days after death, if you choose. 

Whatever your wishes, I look forward to helping you create something very special.

Funeral Director

Funerals have come a long way over the past few years, and, as an independent funeral planner, I can assist you and the family, or empower you all, to make those arrangements; providing support with designing a funeral that is personal and affordable.


What help is available :-

~  mortuary support whether at home or offsite - support with viewing, washing and dressing, vigils, blessings, rituals, family involvement.

~  venue for the funeral/memorial - assist with organising a meaningful location that is a true reflection of your loved one, eg, beach, golf club, community hall, surf club, home, chapel or church.

~ assistance with flowers, coffin, shroud, hearse, slide show, order of service booklet, catering, photographer, webcast for family and friends unable to attend.

~ legal paperwork required for cremation or burial.  

You may also consider a direct cremation with a memorial to follow.

~ return of ashes and applying for the death certificate from BDM

Death Midwife

A death midwife assists in the dying process, (much like a midwife does with child birth). We aim to help cope with death through recognising it as a natural and important part of life.


A death midwife can go beyond palliative care and hospice services. We perform a large variety of services, including but not limited to, creating death plans, providing spiritual, psychological, and social support before and just after death.

"Death and dying is about more than medicine... there is an important role for an "amicus mortis", a friend in death – a guide, mentor and facilitator."
Hermione Elliott

Funeral Celebrant

A celebrant assists with booking, or assisting with ceremony design and eulogy. A formally trained ceremony-provider works deeply with the wishes of their clients.


Depending on circumstances, funeral celebrants usually meet with an individual and/or family, carefully prepare and check the eulogy, support persons chosen to give reminiscences and finally to provide resources and suggestions that will assist in choosing appropriate music, video or photo presentations, quotations (poetry and prose), symbols and movement or choreography.

A celebrant does not come from the standpoint of any doctrinal belief or unbelief.


A trained celebrant usually operates professionally on the principle that their own beliefs and values are not relevant.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”
Ram Dass