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Funeral Director

Funerals have come a long way over the past few years, and, as an independent funeral planner, I can assist you and the family, or empower you all, to make those arrangements; providing support with designing a funeral that is personal and affordable.




What help is available :-

~  mortuary support whether at home or offsite - support with viewing, washing and dressing, vigils, blessings, rituals, family involvement.

~  venue for the funeral/memorial - assist with organising a meaningful location that is a true reflection of your loved one, eg, beach, golf club, community hall, surf club, home, chapel or church.

~ assistance with flowers, coffin, shroud, hearse, slide show, order of service booklet, catering, photographer, webcast for family and friends unable to attend.

~ legal paperwork required for cremation or burial.  

You may also consider a direct cremation with a memorial to follow.

~ return of ashes and applying for the death certificate from BDM

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