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Kathryn is proudly partnered with Picaluna as one of their first celebrants to join. Picaluna is a network of compassionate civil celebrants and professional planners that work together with families to create a more authentic bespoke funeral experience.

Picaluna, are you a Funeral Director?

Yes and no is answer to this question. Whilst Picaluna is a business that offers a better way for family and friends to say goodbye to the people they love, we don’t actually have any physical locations or infrastructure (i.e. chapels, hearses, mortuaries, offices etc). We are a network of compassionate celebrants, professional planners and wonderful service providers such as florists, stationary providers, mortuaries, hearse and limousine companies, coffin suppliers, cemeteries and crematorium.

Why should I pick Picaluna?

Because by choosing Picaluna, you have an unlimited choice of options available to create the most authentic and inspirational farewell possible. We tailor everything we do to suit you and your family’s needs, rather than force you to conform to the rigid practices of an industry that’s slow to evolve. What’s more, the Picaluna process is underpinned by 100% price transparency, plus the donation of 10% of our profits to a charity of your choice.

How much does a Picaluna funeral cost?

Due to the fact that we have lower overhead costs compared to typical industry businesses, our customers tell us that we’re about 20 to 30% more affordable than quotes they’ve received from other funeral directors. Having said that, the price of an average Picaluna funeral involving a cremation, is approximately $8,500. Picaluna’s business model is based on 100% price transparency, we have no hidden charges or markups, rather opting for a flat 35% service fee on top of the funeral costs.

There needed
to be a better way
to do funerals.

More simple in
the planning.


More personal in
the ceremony.


More transparent
in the cost.

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