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From Marian Henry

When my husband died, my grief at the loss after 47 years of marriage was consuming me.  A friend told us about the funeral firm for which Kathryn worked; it seemed to be more flexible and socially aware than many of the more traditional companies.

It was remarkable to see how effectively Kathryn did her job.  She handled the situation with tact and sensitivity.   Each of us was accustomed to work-based meetings and decision making   but we knew almost nothing about the highly emotive issues confronting us now.   Kathryn explained options while emphasising that the choice was ultimately ours.    She was informative in a tactful way.  It surprised me how quickly important matters could be finalised when a skilled, compassionate person was guiding discussion.  

I admired the way she and the celebrant worked together so professionally; potential problems regarding timing and speakers never became major issues.  On the day, Kathryn answered questions, liaised and was generally indispensable.    David’s farewell could not have been better.

Kathryn’s role did not end abruptly then.   She kept in touch via email and, after I had returned from a break with relatives, she arrived for a visit bringing David’s ashes with her.   She made no artificial speeches; nor did she press unsought advice on me.   Her visit was as informative and re-assuring as contact with her always was.   She brings her natural humanity and warmth to her work as a matter of course. 


I have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to anyone seeking knowledge, skill and empathetic understanding at this most difficult of times.

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